Who we are

Who are we?


Our mission

We seek to lower the abortion rate in Canada by educating, mentoring and leading young people to reject abortion.

University students are so inundated with pro-abortion messaging that they consider themselves pro-choice by default. Pro-life students, conversely, are regularly harassed and denied basic rights of expression.

These students will become our country’s next leaders, politicians, lawyers, doctors and parents. It is imperative that we reach them. We cannot let the culture of death continue its grasp on our youth.

Our approach

We train students to effectively talk to peers about the realities of abortion.

Abortion needs more than one conversation—we take students from the first conversation to leading their own discussions about abortion on campus.

We support 17 pro-life university clubs across the country and host a regular student pro-life conference. Our guidance and resources ensure that these clubs are able to effectively and consistently expose their peers to the pro-life message, even in a climate of censorship. We make sure no student is left behind: pro-life or pro-choice

Our results

We put a strong focus on measurement to make sure we are consistently and concretely changing the lives of the young people we meet, mentor and train.

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