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The Bloody Sexism Project

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Around 126 million baby girls, the number of women in the United States, have been killed, globally, due to sex-selective abortion.

But, did you know that sex-selective abortion is happening right here in Canada?

Girls are being selectively killed for not being boys. There are no restrictions on sex-selective abortion in this country.

In 2012 the CBC reported that ultrasound technicians have been revealing the gender of babies in order to facilitate sex-selective abortions. Another study found that among Canadians of South Asian background who had prior abortions, 280 boys were born for every 100 girls in third live births. There was no uneven sex ratio for women who never had an abortion.

92% of Canadians agree that’s wrong.

How we educate students:

The 92% consensus that sex-selective abortion is wrong gives us a strong start in conversations with people who would otherwise never engage in a conversation about abortion. With common ground, we can take an issue that is normally polarizing and enable constructive discussion.

During an activism session, members of the pro-life club ask passing students: “What do you think about sex-selective abortion?”

Our goal is to:

  1. Create a campus-wide conversation around sex-selection, bringing to light the victimization of pre-born girls through abortion, as well as shedding a general light on abortion as a whole

  2. Find common ground with pro-choice individuals, helping them to realize that they likely already disagree with some aspects of abortion, thereby calling into question their agreement with abortion as a whole.

  3. Challenge pro-choice ‘feminist’ narratives, exposing the consequences of dehumanizing the pre-born.

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