We are dedicated to making an ABORTION FREE GENERATION!


Ruth Lobo

Executive Director

Originally born in India, Ruth currently lives in Ottawa, ON. She has worked with NCLN for three years.

Originally born in India, Ruth currently lives in Ottawa, ON. She has worked with NCLN for three years.

Ruth graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Human Rights after being arrested trying to put up a pro-life display.

Leading NCLN is a passion close to Ruth’s heart.

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Red Lasiste

Director of Finance and Operations

Red grew up in Manila, Philippines. He now lives in Vancouver, BC.

In addition to joining NCLN, Red is a Financial Assurance Associate and an entrepreneur. In his pastime, he enjoys photography, fitness, and travelling.

Red looks forward to being an active part of NCLN, pursuing  a society that preserves the life of the unborn. It is no lie that plenty have become more accustomed to desecrating this valuable life. The liberal culture has forced many people he personally knew to disregard their morality and buy into this dangerous sheep mentality. Through NCLN, he hopes that university students who are in similar dilemmas (being politically correct versus standing up for the life of the unborn) would be empowered to fight for what is morally right.

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Josephine Craig Penner

Director of Communications & Regional Coordinator of Saskatchewan

Josephine was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Growing up, Josephine participated in many local pro-life marches and campaigns. She also helped to form a pro-life club at the University of Regina in 2015. Most of her time after high-school was dedicated to working in a non-profit organization in BC. She brought workshops in dance and teamwork to communities around the world targeting students grades K-12 in rural, remote, and high-risk areas. She is currently back at home, completing her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Systems Engineering at the University of Regina. 

Having always had a passion for the pro-life movment, Josephine is grateful that she now has the opportunity to work with NCLN. She is determined to help create a culture that values life in all its uncertainties, and to protect the most vulnerable among us, the unborn

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Olivia Ngo

Regional Coordinator of Alberta

Olivia grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She now lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Olivia has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Vietnam and recently graduated from Bow Valley College, AB, with a diploma in Event Management. Besides being an entrepreneur in the wedding industry, Olivia loves volunteering for many social enterprises and NGO’s for students such as Enactus, AIESEC, and CICan. Olivia has a strong connection with college and university students coming from diverse backgrounds.

Olivia believes strongly in human rights for all, including the pre-born, and that NCLN is a great place for her to start promoting the pro-life position to young people.

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Mathew Sloan

Regional Coordinator of British Columbia

Mathew grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  As Mathew studied Environmental Management at Lakehead University he volunteered as Outreach Coordinator for the Catholic Club. When Mathew attended High School at École Catholique Secondaire de La Vérendrye he was heavily involved with his church community, which led him to participate in fundraising events for students attending March for Life. In addition, Mathew has participated in prayer walks dedicated to the ending of abortion in Canada held in Thunder Bay over the last 10 years. a Mathew is also a professional, touring virtuoso guitarist whom has captured audiences worldwide with his album Peregrine.

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