We are dedicated to making an ABORTION FREE GENERATION!

Ruth Shaw

Executive Director

Originally born in India, Ruth currently lives in Ottawa, ON. She has worked with NCLN for three years.

Ruth graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Human Rights after being arrested trying to put up a pro-life display.

Leading NCLN is a passion close to Ruth's heart, "University campuses are the hub of abortionism in Canada. We must focus here if we want to see abortion become unthinkable."


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Frida Abaroa

Operations Manager

Born in Mexico, Frida moved to Canada when she was 16.

Frida Abaroa left her former employment as Architectural Designer to pursue a career with purpose in the Pro-life field.

Frida's goal is to help the pro-life movement gain traction in an unified effort with other organizations, so that through this united force a more impactul change in the abortion narrative can sweep across our nation.


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Florence Lavergne

Eastern Canadian Coordinator

Florence was born and raised in Ottawa, ON.

She graduated with an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa and is currently finishing her Master's in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences.

Helping pro-life students across Canada comes from a deep conviction, "Abortion is promoted and encouraged in our culture. I can't turn a blind eye and carry on with my life as though it is not happening."


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Ben Matychuk

Western Canadian Coordinator

Ben grew up in Edmonton, AB but now lives in Lethbridge AB.

Prior to joining NCLN, he worked in retail customer service, sold paint jobs, and campaigned for Lethbridge-East MLA Nathan Neudorf. He has also been a longtime coach of bible quizzing at the district, Great West, and international level.

Ben is excited to be working for NCLN and creating an abortion free generation, "If we play a role in raising up a pro-life generation and no longer being the only democracy without an abortion law, I want to be part of that.”



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Philip Ottenbreit

Central Canadian Coordinator

Philip lives in Regina, SK. He was born in Humboldt, SK and raised in Calgary, AB.

Since finding the pro-life club on campus, Philip has been very active and helped the University of Regina club grow from 2 members to 8 in the fall semester of 2018.

"NCLN taught me how to express myself on campus and to be confident in what I was doing. NCLN won my heart when they showed me that they had the vision and leadership needed to form and mobilize dozens of ambassadors on campuses across the entire country.

"Now is the time to win this country back and send a message to the world that we CAN choose to support the woman AND her daughter or son, together."


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