Our Results

title map 47 per cent growth

The groups we train grew by 47 per cent over this academic year, showing that the pro-life movement is alive and growing on Canada’s campuses.

We currently support 70 students active on 17 Canadian campuses. We equip these students, along with their clubs, with leadership and apologetics training in order to effectively talk to students about abortion from a pro-life perspective.

over 70 students over 800 conversations

These students spoke to over 800 of their fellow students over the year. Using our apologetics training and The Bloody Sexism Project, around 400 of those students moved further towards a fully pro-life world view.

We find measurement imperative so that we can adjust and improve our methods. We created an easy-to-use data tracking system where activists can record what they said in a given conversation, and how effective the discussion was. This allows us to evaluate certain arguments and methods of conversation to optimize our message’s reception in a campus setting.

before and after

Half of the students our activists spoke to moved to a more pro-life position, and we know we can do even better than that. What we find is that most students will say they are “neutral” on abortion, but what they really mean is that they are quietly pro-choice. After we speak to them, they tend to become actually neutral, or pro-life. 

Their whole life, and especially in the university setting, these students have been inundated with one-sided pro-choice messaging. One conversation about the truth of abortion by a trained activist is often enough to make that all come tumbling down.

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