What is an abortion?

By abortion, we mean the intentional killing of human beings in the uterus. The preborn are especially vulnerable to human rights violations because they are rarely seen as humans deserving protection.

Abortion in Canada

Between the time the sun rises in St. John, and sets in Victoria today, at least 300 children will be decapitated, dismembered and disembowelled. At least 100 000 tiny humans will suffer this same fate this year.

Canada is the only country in the world without an abortion law. As a result, it is among only North Korea and China where abortion is permissible until delivery.

This circumstance is the result of a 1988 Supreme Court decision, R v. Morgentaler. Prior to this, the decision of whether an abortion was allowed was up to a council of doctors at a given hospital who could permit abortion if they found that the woman’s health was at risk. This led to subjectivity from the councils, some being more pro-life and others more pro-choice.

Reasoning that this subjectivity was causing undue stress on women who could not be sure whether they could get an abortion, the majority of the Supreme Court Justices decided the law infringed upon the Charter-protected right to the safety and security of the person, and therefore was unlawful.

A common misconception is that the law was struck down because the courts decided abortion was a Charter right. This is simply not true. Laws are struck down by the Supreme Court regularly, and Parliament is tasked with creating a new law that will survive a Charter test. When the abortion law was struck down in Canada, Parliament was never able to pass legislation regarding abortion, and this is why we maintain no laws regarding abortion.

Currently, abortions are unconditional and tax-payer funded in every single province of the country.

What does this mean?

How do I talk to people about abortion?

Common Ground

Identify common ground to diffuse hostility, building a bridge of relationship with the person, helping the other feel heard.


Use stories with settings and characters we can relate to. Using analogies where you insert principles/life lessons is easier to accept than a principle told in isolation.


Ask clarification questions all the time. Two people can bring up the same argument, but each means different things. To avoid assuming someone’s opinion, ask questions to clarify their position and arguments.

Questions allow you to draw information out of people.

This is abortion

Ultrasound of an abortion

Suction abortion

Late term abortion

Medical Abortion

Dilation and evacuation

Abortion is never medically necessary

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