Symposium is a place where pro-life leaders are made. At NCLN's annual conference for students, young people from across the country have the unique opportunity to network with pro-life peers and professionals at a grassroots level while learning concrete conversational tools and expert leadership training. Build the momentum this summer at Symposium 2019.





Dr. Anthony Levatino

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino shares his unique perspective about why a physician who has been trained to give life would take it away. The story of his conversion to pro-life has educated and motivated audiences worldwide. From selfish motives to true understanding, Dr. Levatino discusses what it was like to perform abortions and the toll it took on his family until a personal tragedy occurred.

Prior to his involvement in the pro-life movement, Dr. Levatino performed both first and second trimester abortions as part of his OB-GYN practice in upstate New York. "I was morally neutral and believed that I had an obligation to offer complete care to my patients," states Dr. Levatino.

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Scott Hayward

Scott Hayward is a trained CPA from Manitoba who always had a strong interest in the inner workings of our democracy. Putting his obsession with politics together with his entrepreneurial skills and pro-life convictions, he co-founded Right Now with Alissa Golob.

RightNow exists to nominate and elect pro-life politicians by mobilizing Canadians on the ground level to vote at local nomination meetings, and provide training to volunteers across the country to create effective campaign teams in every riding across Canada. It is only when we have a majority of pro-life politicians in our legislatures, that we’ll see pro-life legislation passed in our country.

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"Attending NCLN’s Symposium, I got to learn and socialize with some of the biggest stars of the Pro-Life movement. Through the conference, I was equipped with the tools to get more involved politically and by seeing the involvement of other students on their respective campuses, it inspired me to get involved with my own Pro-Life Club. I heartily recommend that you attend this year’s Symposium and become equipped with the tools you need to change the culture.”


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The Mixer

After listening to all the top-notch pro-life and leadership talks you will be itching to talk to people about it. That's what the mixer is for. It's a relaxed night to socialize with other attendees and build connections with the next leaders of the pro-life student movement in Canada. It's a great opportunity to recharge your batteries and have a little fun!

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