Canada Summer Jobs Program (for Pro-lifers)*
*No animals were harmed, or government funds were used in the making of this summer job for pro-life Canadians

The Canada Summer Job (for Pro-lifers) is an opportunity for pro-lifers to gain campaign experience and participate in getting pro-life candidates elected.

This is an initiative of National Campus Life Network, a pro-life organization dedicated to the persuasion and mobilization of youth in Canada to act against abortion in Canada. NCLN will facilitate your summer placement on a campaign.


Pro-life Canadian between the ages of 18-30

Applicants are not required to have any previous political or activism experience. The only requirements are pro-life convictions, a willingness to campaign door-to-door for pro-life candidates, and a willingness to travel. Expected attributes: friendliness, confidence, adaptability, positive attitude, and determination for the cause.


April 29 — August 15: Door knocking
August 15 — 18: Attend NCLN Symposium with all program cohorts & other pro-life young people from across the country
August 19 — 23: Final sprint (meetings/ training/ exploring Ottawa/ local campaigning)  

Participants will be paid a base amount of $7,000/summer (with additional opportunities to earn more)

Information about the position:

Individuals will be placed in teams of four throughout the country to doorknock and aid in the electing of pro-life candidates across Canada.

Teams will be based in the GTA, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick


  • Spend the summer with new pro-life friends
  • Campaign for pro-life candidates to defeat the pro-abortion ones
  • Gain valuable experience for future political work
  • Spend the summer outdoors and staying active

Sending your application:

Send to

Include a brief statement of interest (300-500 words)

  • Indicate what campus you’re from, if applicable

Include a resume as well as your preferred region to work:
(Western Canadian Team, Toronto team, East Coast team).

Please list two references (name, email, phone number, and their association to you)
(One reference must be able to attest to your pro-life convictions and the other reference may be a character and/or professional/ academic reference)