We Reject Abortion

If you are between the ages of 13-29, sign our solidarity statement below. It will be submitted to all federal candidates before the election. We exist. No we will not stop speaking up and we will fight for an end to abortion in our lifetime. We reject abortion, unequivocally. Sign below and send to the young pro-life Canadians in your networks!

To all federal Party leaders in the 2019 federal election:

Please receive this open statement from our organization, National Campus Life Network, and pro-life Canadian youth (yes, we exist).  

We are a pro-life youth organization in Canada. Throughout this election, the voice of Canadian pro-life youth has been neglected. Federal leaders continuously speak on behalf of Canadian youth suggesting that the abortion debate is closed. Debate is occurring regularly; it is not closed. Furthermore, those who are having abortions and being pressured to do so are not being consulted on this issue.

Today, in the strongest terms possible, we wish to make our voices heard and communicate to you: there are youth in Canada who reject abortion - we are those youth.

Please read our statement below.

Sign the petition below.

We RECOGNIZE abortion as a violation of human rights. We uphold that every single human being has dignity regardless of their age, size, location, ability, or the circumstances surrounding their existence.

We AFFIRM that all Canadians — born and pre-born — are entitled to the rights outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including the Section 7 rights to life, liberty, and security of the person, as well as the right not to be unjustly deprived thereof.

We RECOGNIZE that the Supreme Court in the R v Morgentaler case of 1988 ruled that the state has a legitimate interest in protecting the pre-born human fetus. Our government has failed to act.

We OPPOSE abortion as it is used as a tool of oppression. It perpetuates sexism and misogyny through sex-selective abortion. It perpetuates ableism through ending the lives of those who are diagnosed with disabilities or congenital disorders. We find it reprehensible that the Canadian government will not condemn and seek to restrict these practices.

We REJECT the notion that abortion is requisite for female empowerment. We embrace instead the verity that women with children can have a successful career and a fulfilling life.

We REJECT the pressure on our generation to accept abortion as permissible and necessary.

We CONDEMN the biased education we receive in our high schools and universities where abortion is not thoroughly explained or examined.

We REJECT the infringement of our rights to freedom of speech and expression when we seek to dialogue with others about this important topic. We find it reprehensible that our government has created a serious division in our country by demonizing those who hold the opinion that abortion is wrong, resulting in the suppression of critical thinking and silencing discourse.

We REFUSE to buy into the government’s rhetoric that the debate on abortion is closed.

We ASK for abortion to be outlawed in Canada and for you, as the political leaders of our country, to make decisions that respect the health, safety and security of every person, including the pre-born.

We, the undersigned individuals, pledge to defend the constitutionally protected right to life, and to continue to educate, lead and push our culture to reject abortion as it is a grievous human rights atrocity.

We STATE  in the strongest terms possible: the abortion debate will not close on our watch.

Lead us to a better future. We ask for your courage and determination in creating a better Canada.


The undersigned Canadian youth

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"Politicians need to recognize that the abortion debate is happening right across Canada. Canadian youth are hungry for the truth."

Ruth Shaw - Executive Director, NCLN