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The media suddenly hate Justin Trudeau and something stinks

Remember, not so long ago, when the media got conservatives to praise the liberals for backing off the summer jobs attestation? Only for them to double down on the attestation? Conservatives in this country, and in most western nations, are rightfully wary of the media. We’re all very aware of the concept of #FakeNews, and…

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12 Weeks Loved – Stunning Images of Miscarried Baby

Written by Cecilia and Darryl Everett, supporters of NCLN. By 17 weeks everyone knew we were having a baby. Family and friends had delighted in our news. We were so in love with our little baby. I wasn’t alone. My midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat at my routine check-up. What followed were the longest two…

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Full Transcript of the Valerie Flokstra Recording

If you are unfamiliar, Valerie is a former student of the University of the Fraser Valley. Now graduated and teaching, she felt that she should release this audio of her conversation with Professor, Nancy Norman and Department Head, Vandy Britton. Similar to Lindsay Shepherd, Valerie decided to secretly record a conversation with her professors. During…

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