Our Mission:

National Campus Life Network (NCLN) is dedicated to persuading, retaining and mobilizing youth to end abortion in Canada. We support and mentor pro-life clubs on Canadian post-secondary institutions in order to reach Canadian youth effectively and strategically.

In Canada, there have been no laws restricting abortion since 1988. In this legal vacuum grave human rights abuses are taking place every day. 300 preborn children will be decapitated, disembowelled and dismembered today, and nearly half of them are in the wombs of college-aged women.

Canadian universities today are inundated with pro-abortion culture to the extent that most Canadian youths consider the pro-choice position a default, neutral position. Pro-life students are often harassed and denied basic rights of expression. The students from these institutions will go on to become this country’s next leaders as politicians, lawyers, doctors, and most importantly parents.

It is imperative that we build a pro-life generation and stop the killing of innocent human beings.

What do we do:

NCLN launches, equips and sustains over 20 pro-life clubs on university campuses across Canada to regularly expose Canadian youth to the pro-life perspective and turn them, once convicted, into powerful pro-life leaders. We then mentor and train pro-life youth to continue exposing the pro-life message and teach them how to build relationships with their peers in order to continuously and efficiently create a pro-life generation.

Our Field Staff:

NCLN is the only pro-life organization in Canada that mentors pro-life youth to execute pro-life projects every week of the year. This mentorship program has successfully trained some of the most influential pro-life leaders in Canada. Currently, through our Regional Campus Coordinators located across the country, NCLN is mentoring over 70 pro-life youth leaders from British Columbia to Halifax to save lives across Canada.

Data-centred pro-life activism:

Our campus projects are rigorously measured by our staff and students to ensure that we are having effective conversations, persuading youth to the pro-life perspective and turning them into powerful pro-life leaders. Additionally, NCLN selects projects that will resonate with, build common ground with, or challenge today’s youth on university campuses. In 2018, NCLN staff and mentored clubs spoke with over 500 youth about abortion and moved 67% of them to a more pro-life perspective.


Pro-life university students are among the most discriminated against groups in Canada. Many of our students have been treated as second-class citizens despite paying tuition to their school. NCLN works with ongoing legal counsel, develops strategies and projects to actively address and push back against a censorship culture in Canada in order to save lives.


NCLN’s mentorship and activism program are founded upon strong principles of leadership. We believe that the success of NCLN’s work to create an abortion-free generation hinges upon our ability to empower and motivate pro-life youth to act against the abortion status quo in Canada. NCLN works diligently to improve our relationship with our pro-life students and our working strategies to end abortion so as to ensure the quality of leadership within our pro-life clubs.

Our National Conference, Symposium:

For the past 20 years, NCLN has hosted a national bootcamp conference which equips pro-life youth across the country with all the necessary tools to effectively address abortion with their peers. Our conference travels coast to coast to build pro-life youth leaders who then go back to their individual communities inspired to speak about and work against abortion in Canada. In 2018, NCLN’s national conference was held in Langley, BC. 65% of attendees are currently still actively fighting against abortion. This year, Symposium is being held in Ottawa, Ontario.


NCLN works to mobilize pro-life youth to enter various areas of work either within the pro-life movement or in the workforce. In order to change our culture, pro-life youth need to live, work and be pro-life wherever they are planted. Our students and alumni go on to affect the culture in all facets of society.