8 Awesome Things We Did This Year

#1 We changed minds on campus

Student groups we train and equip spoke to around 800 students on campus this year. Half of those students admitted to being more pro-life after that one conversation. For a more in-depth look at our data look here.

Here are some of the highlights from the conversations we had:

#2 We played a crucial role in bringing Unplanned to Canada

When the film Unplanned was released with great success in the United States earlier this year, we were anxious to get the film here in our borders. So, when the producers brought the film to Parliament Hill for a private screening, we started working to bring the film here immediately. We quickly started a petition to make it clear to Cineplex that Canadians wanted Unplanned.

Over weeks of haze and uncertainty, finally, a booking agent from Cinedicom contacted us after hearing of all the work that we had been doing. We got him connected to the producers and now the film is being fully released in theatres like any other movie right across the country!

We also started a fund to bring Unplanned to Canada which raised over $16 000. Funds will be used to bring Unplanned to Canadians, especially through private screenings. 

Not too shabby...

#4 We expanded to St. Catharines and Niagara region


We have started expanding to the St. Catharines/Niagara region with the objective of starting clubs at Niagara College and Brock University. This is the first time we have actively sought to start a club and it is already turning out to be a success. 

With the help of St. Catharines Right to Life, we have had the opportunity to speak to high school students and send them our literature. The students at the four schools we reached have been incredibly receptive to the pro-life message and some students have pledged to both join and start the clubs. 

Lexi at st catharines

Along with all our other efforts so far, we have six committed students and four more who are interested. This is more than enough to begin a club and activism on campus in order to bring in more students from the community.

We’re incredibly excited to see the student pro-life movement start growing in a new place!

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#5 We've been battling censorship

We released a Lindsay Shepherd-style recording of Valerie Flokstra being censored and gaslighted by professors. It got national coverage and a good deal of online commentary.

featured photo

At SFU, pro-choice students vandalized a classroom with lewd and offensive comments before pro-lifers used the room.

#6 We're expanding our influence to high schools


We visited high schools all over the Ontario this year, including Windsor, St. Catharines, Mississauga, Ottawa and Cornwall. Overall, we visited seven schools and sent pro-life materials to teachers and chaplains at even more schools.

We were able to reach dozens of high school students each time by giving pro-life presentations back-to-back all day. We find that younger people are more receptive to the pro-life perspective because they have the innocence to feel their intuitions. 

high school testimony 2

"After viewing the presentation it felt unrealistic that abortion is even a thing. I feel it needs to be stopped ASAP. Killing someone that is innocent is not a right.

Grade 12 student from Great Lakes Christian High School

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#7 We created a Canada Summer Jobs Program for pro-lifers when the government wasn’t willing to

canada summer jobs

The Canadian government, under Liberal rule, has made any organization with pro-life leanings ineligible for funding, which is grossly unfair. In response, we started our own Canada Summer Jobs Program (for Pro-Lifers).

We were able to put together two canvassing teams who were sent to New Brunswick and the GTA to support pro-life candidates through door-knocking.

NB Summer Jobs 2
toronto Summer Jobs

In the future, we will be working with RightNow, a political pro-life organization, to get pro-life students working with pro-life politicians across the country.

#8 We co-hosted EWTN's coverage of the March for Life

Ruth and Laura

Our executive director, Ruth Shaw, co-hosted the March for Life on EWTN.

The March was a huge success with over 15 000 attendees who went unimpeded by the small number of pro-choice protesters, and right through the “bubble zone” around the Morgentaler abortion clinic.

We also hosted a panel with our student leaders at the CLC Youth Conference.

Ruth and Brad Trost
march for life girls marching.jpeg

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