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8 Awesome Things We Did This Year

#1 We changed minds on campus Student groups we train and equip spoke to around 800 students on campus this year. Half of those students admitted to being more pro-life after that one conversation. For a more in-depth look at our data look here. Here are some of the highlights from the conversations we had:…

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13 tips for responding to pro-choice protestors during Unplanned screenings

In popular media, it is often the pro-life side of the abortion debate that is painted as fear mongering, anti-woman or misogynist (or ‘internalized misogynist’ if you’re a woman!) Currently, pro-choice activists and their groomed media are crying wolf again about safety, saying that allowing a pro-life movie to be played will be dangerous to…

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News coverage of Canada’s Unplanned release

Cineplex — Open Letter from the CEO about Unplanned CBC — Cineplex defends decision to show anti-abortion film Unplanned Fox News — “Police investigate death threats to movie theatre owners screening pro-life film” The Toronto Star — “Controversial anti-abortion film Unplanned to hit more than 24 Canadian Theatres” Daily Wire — “Two Independent Canadian Theatre Owners Recieve…

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