Press Release: Canadian Pro-Life Groups Launch Campaign to Bring Pro-Life Film to Canada

Depicting Abby Johnson’s conversion to the pro-life position after working as a Planned Parenthood clinic director, the film Unplanned surpassed all expectations by grossing $6.4 million in the first weekend, finishing fourth in the United States’ box office, doubling expectations.

Following the traction of the film, people from other countries have also been calling for the film to be screened near them. National Campus Life Network (NCLN) partnered with CitizenGO in Canada to start a petition urging film exhibitor Cineplex to show the film in their cinemas.

CitizenGO Campaigns Director, David Cooke has stated that several other countries have shown interest and are carefully following Canada’s lead.

After four days the Canadian petition has garnered over 18 000 signatures.

Every signature of the petition automatically sends an email to Cineplex, showing the exhibitor that there is a strong demand for the film. Prior to the petition individuals were sending emails to Cineplex and many received an email explaining: “This film is currently not on our exhibition schedule as the film does not have a Canadian distributor. We have shared your comments with our Film team.”

The producers of the film confirmed suspicions of censorship, reporting to CitizenGO that two of those distributors have refused to distribute the film based on its content, but the third is undecided.

The producers are suggesting that the petition is working and that in order to have the film shown in Canada, people should continue signing the petition which puts pressure on Cineplex who will be in contact with all three distributors.

Pro-life Canadians who are interested in bringing the film to Canada can help further by donating to a fund which will help with theatre buyouts, an alternative way to showcase the film.