Pro-choicers vandalize pro-life meeting room (graphic language)

Recently, students involved in SFU Lifeline booked a room for an abortion discussion group where they found crude and vile notes upon arrival. Pro-choice students at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, knowing that pro-life students would be meeting in that room, slipped in before they met to leave behind graphic notes.

One note reads “free pizza is almost as good as free abortions”. The note looks to have been misspelled at first and later corrected with a different coloured marker. Other notes read “I (heart) abortion” and “more abortion”. Others indulge in shocking obscenities and execute poor grammar. It is interesting to note that the miscreants who obviously have very little regard for human life, also have very little regard for the English language.

The extreme and gross nature of the notes exhibit a level of crudeness alien to conversations we have during activism. This leads us to believe that these particular pro-choicers are part of a very small fringe of the political left.

Similar to a story we wrote about last month, the authorities on campus surprisingly supported the pro-life club. Lois Umali, the club president, spoke with authorities from the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). According to Lois “it was the most supportive conversation I definitely did not see coming. He had the signs in front of him and he continuously apologized for the action done by those students.”

She added that the General Manager of the SFSS “said that when it comes to room booking, we can also email him directly to make him aware of our club events to ensure further security for our club…  and [they will] even walk by our events to make sure no one is being harassed or harmed."

It is worth noting, however, that the SFSS is opposed to the use of abortion victim photography.

Regarding the incident on the whole, Lois said “I’m definitely still shaken up by it, but moreso accepting and fuelled by the action too. It’s funny how they think those signs might offend us, but if anything, it gives us more zeal to keep our club active and thriving. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t affected though, I’m just human. But we were talking about it after, and we definitely have a lot to learn from this!"