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Press Release: Canadian Pro-Life Groups Launch Campaign to Bring Pro-Life Film to Canada

Depicting Abby Johnson’s conversion to the pro-life position after working as a Planned Parenthood clinic director, the film Unplanned surpassed all expectations by grossing $6.4 million in the first weekend, finishing fourth in the United States’ box office, doubling expectations. Following the traction of the film, people from other countries have also been calling for…

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Pro-choicers vandalize pro-life meeting room (graphic language)

Recently, students involved in SFU Lifeline booked a room for an abortion discussion group where they found crude and vile notes upon arrival. Pro-choice students at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, knowing that pro-life students would be meeting in that room, slipped in before they met to leave behind graphic notes. One note reads “free…

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Celebrating Life Over Death

“We become what we celebrate” – Matthew Kelly. Who do we become when we celebrate grit, determination, passion, discipline and joy? Easy. We become not only survivors in today’s society – which is often seen as a feat in its own right – but also people who thrive. We become people who have the perseverance…

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