The media suddenly hate Justin Trudeau and something stinks


Remember, not so long ago, when the media got conservatives to praise the liberals for backing off the summer jobs attestation? Only for them to double down on the attestation?

Conservatives in this country, and in most western nations, are rightfully wary of the media. We’re all very aware of the concept of #FakeNews, and it’s really nothing new. Yet, why do we allow ourselves to be flattered and duped by the media time and time again?

We see that Justin Trudeau is vacuous and underestimate the cunning of our real opponent. Trudeau is simply the face, the real opponent is amorphous. It is the Liberal elite, including unelected people like Gerald Butts. The Liberal elite, over time, has managed to convince people of absurd, immoral principles. They have convinced masses that the preborn are not human, that it is appropriate to teach children they can choose their gender (and that gender-confused children have a right to hormone blockers and surgery), that the whole history of this country is that of racist, patriarchal men, for whom we must feel compunction and white guilt. These opponents should never be underestimated.

This time around the issue is the SNC Lavalin scandal. Conservatives are laughing and jumping with schadenfreude seeing the clown Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, finally crumbling under the effects of his own imbecility.

But none have stopped to ask, “wait, why, all of a sudden, is this massive media machine that has been willing to cover for Trudeau time and time again in the past four years now throwing him under the bus?” Remember when Trudeau dodged a question about ISIL by reciting a script about “quantum computing”, and the media ran the story like something out of North Korea?

I think we ought to be extremely cautious that we are lambs being led to slaughter. Has nobody thought that perhaps the Liberal elites have some knowledge that Trudeau will not be a strong and winning candidate? Are they happy to let the pieces fall, and perhaps even help orchestrate his fall? Once he falls, they’ll put in a stronger Liberal leader who better espouses the ideologies of the political left in this country.

Justin Trudeau’s sins, in this media narrative, are not that he is a far-left ideologue, but that he isn’t a good enough far-left ideologue! Being led by the nose, conservatives have unknowingly jumped in to support this narrative.

How many conservatives who have criticized third wave feminism and identity politics over the past four years are now shaking like the people in 1984 at the two minutes of hate to shout that Justin Trudeau isn’t a real feminist, otherwise he wouldn’t have bullied a woman! Or, he doesn’t really care about native people or else he wouldn’t have bullied a native!

Please, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, my fellow conservatives. Evidence that Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about women is not found in the fact that he tried to indulge in corruption with a female minister rather than a male minister. The evidence is in the fact that he used women as pawns from the very start.

Making a 50/50 cabinet just shows that he tokenizes women, and does not give them opportunities for their own merit. The same can be said of all his virtue signalling about natives. With the old strategy of divide and conquer, he pits demographics that he finds useful against those he does not, and in the end, he wins and everyone else is political cannon fodder.

I think we can expect Justin Trudeau to be taken down before the election, only for some stronger candidate to rise in his place and seriously contest the chances of a conservative win, and an abortion abolitionist future for this country will become even more distant.

We conservatives need to be even more keenly aware as to how the media can manipulate us, even when they seem to be on our side. Most of all, we need to stop underestimating the tactics of the Liberals. They are not idiots, even when they look like they are.

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