Cultural Oppression 2.0

cultural oppression

Being Metis, I'm supposed to have certain viewpoints of the government. I'm supposed to oppose government altogether, keep pushing for natives across Canada to get our own land, free from government interventions.

I get it. The government, “the church”, hurt my people. They tried to destroy my people, eradicate their culture at best, all in the name of God, who they used as an excuse to hide behind their own opinions.

But they didn't. We are here. We are alive and well. Yes, there needs to be reconciliation between the Indigenous community of Canada and our government.

But there also needs to be forgiveness. We can't change the past. We as a society can’t afford to be angry with the people who oppressed our ancestors. We need to better ourselves, put effort into rebuilding our nations.

But one protest I fully support with my people, is the deadly colonization practice that no country needs.

We do not need abortion.

Many of my people, surprisingly, do not share my views. Specifically because there is still that resentfulness against the early church. They tend to have an instinctual aversion to any policy that could be seen as faith-based because, for them, it heralds back to not-so-distant oppression.

Luckily there are some of us who have moved on from thinking that way.

My views might have been bias from the beginning. I was raised in a conservative christian household. I knew from a young age that abortion was wrong. And I didnt understand why other people who were like me, wanted access to it.

The sick ideology of those on the left have left my people believing they will always be victims. That every law that is “right wing” will destroy their culture and their identities.

Culture will only die if we embrace others and forget our own. We are embracing the leftist cultures, totally ignoring what our ancestors taught, what they believed.

Abortion is the ultimate violation of women, the ultimate discrimination against minorities.

How come abortion is more accessible to minority communities? Because of the lie the government has told, that we as women, especially women of colour, are not free until we can kill our unborn.

I'm telling you, no. Abortion doesn't make us free. 58% of women say they had an abortion to make someone else happy. 73.8% of women say they did it because of tremendous outside pressure. 28% of women say the did it out of fear of losing their partner if they didn't have

one.  Women who have reported of having a positive experience with abortion also said they felt neither liberated nor empowered.

Native women make up almost half of those numbers.

We have become so blinded, every Nation around Canada and the US, that we have succumbed to the pettiness of the left.

You may have heard recently of Nathan Phillips, a Native American who told the media he was harassed by Catholic Pro-Life marchers. He told the media he experienced racism by these high school boys. In a viral video, one of the boys stood quietly, smiling at Phillips as he hit his drum and sang at the boys. The boys did not get violent, did not say a word to the Natives who confronted them.

The media took this story and ran with it, taking it as another reason to bash President Trump, because the boys were wearing the infamous MAGA hats. Another fact they really highlighted was that boys were participating in the March For Life.

The media and the left are desperate to make Pro-Lifers look evil. And when you have white boys wearing MAGA hats attending the March For Life, it’s the perfect storm.

In my opinion, the media are exploiting these Native marchers, watering down their cause for their own benefit and hatred towards a pro life president.

Being Native in Canada and the United States have their differences, but ultimately are being pressured and exploited equally for an agenda that is nothing but self serving. In our culture, life and nature and all things on earth are so precious. Humans play a vital role and when we start murdering our children and telling our women that they are not capable, we aren’t much of a community, a nation. Our culture will surely die out if we are willing to murder off the generation that will pass the traditions on.

We are already so delicate, many losing their identities during the Residential School Crisis. The majority of native nations across the country don’t even know their ancestral language.

We need to not only reconcile, but work with the government, work with pro life politicians, with pregnancy help centres, be there for our women and their children. We need to step up as men and women of this land against the evil that is seeming way too familiar.